Customer Charter

E&M Security offers the highest professional service and standard of workmanship, and because of its confidence, and experience in the industry, it is the only Vacant Property Security Organisation to offer a Customer Charter. All aspects of our Charter, as listed below, are strictly adhered to.

We Guarantee to:

  • Normally, install / desecure properties the same day, providing instructions are received by 4 p.m.
  • Secure all properties fully, taking care to ensure all glass is covered.
  • Only remove glazing with the authority of our customers.
  • Secure and desecure properties out of normal working hours.
  • Take all reasonable care to protect the property.
  • Make good any drilled holes.
  • Tailor a service to suit your needs.

We Guarantee not to:

  • Break windows.
  • Drill uPVC window frames.
  • Damage the interior of the property.
  • Leave gaps around screens.
  • Use webbing fixings.
  • Deliver keys late.